Targeted Marketing

Reach your audiences, influencers, prospects, clients, decision makers and ideal clients intelligently and with purpose.

Video & Content Creation

Content is nothing without attention. It's time to create appropriate, attention worthy content that converts towards your goals.

Social Media for Business

When taken seriously, social media the worlds most powerful platform to reach authentically build big business.

Working with and delivering solutions for organisations and teams of all sizes on next-level content, targeted marketing and social media, including …

Let's Talk

With a deep understanding of digital technology, systems, user behaviour and expectations, I work with organisation to leverage digital and grow results.

Targeted Digital Marketing

In todays connected world, strategic, targeted marketing across digital channels such as social media, websites, email, mobile apps and search engines is the most powerful method of reach and engagement, ever.

Campaign Targeting

Reach known and unknown prospects anywhere across the world, where they are, when they are online. This is modern marketing...

Growth Marketing

Build an ongoing strategy that reaches and nurtures your business contacts, prospects and clients, ongoing.
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Video & Content Creation

Content has always been king and without engaging, appropriate, attention worthy content, you won’t build ‘sentiment’ or ‘influence’; two key ingredients needed to convert attention into action.


Online, social media and short-form video can reach and influence online behaviours and audiences. This is not corporate content...

Channel Setup & Support

With serialised video content now a priority online, it’s time to get your business regularly broadcasting and engaging online through video.

Social Media for Business

Social Media for business is about reaching key audiences and prospects to convert attention into actionable business activities.

Content Stategy

Content is not pop luck. Creating and sharing engaging, business appropriate content across social media in ways that make sense to your business and your audiences.

Tools and Management

Having the tools and processes to create publish, engage and report ensures activity is driven towards success.

Latest Updates:

Client Reel Update

The latest update to my client reel - Summer in the City for Bon Accord! This playlist includes a few examples of video filmed and created for social media and digital campaigns.


I work openly with teams and specialists in other fields.
This is true, modern collaboration that’s brings stakeholders directly into the process to deliver uncompromising client solutions.

Supporting the Community

Me Too! Magazine is the brainchild of Phionna and provides families of those with additional support needs consistent information and ideas on activities custom designed to meet their needs.
The Aberdeen Lynx are a Scottish Ice Hockey Team who play in the Scottish National League. With a fantastic program on the ice for individuals of all ages, the support and community around Aberdeen Lynx is incredible. Go see a game...
The Friends of Hazlehead (FoH) was formed in 2012 by a group of local people with a common interest of improving the park. FoH work on fundraising projects to maintain the facilities of the park as available and affordable for all.

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