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Todays connected world isn't guesswork. We outline the approach your organisation should take to drive measurable results.

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How do you build your website, social, email, etc. to work together for your business? Together with our collaborators, we do that.

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From Facebook to Snapchat, WordPress to MailChimp, we train your team to use the right tools, the right way, with ease.


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Border Digital has been built with the belief that solutions should be driven by specialists working together for the client regardless of the client organisation or budget. At our core we have team of digital and social media specialists, extended by a collaborative network of the best agencies and freelancers we know. Based on the client, requirement, budget and objectives, we lead the solution together with the right specialists.

This is modern collaboration and it's all driven to deliver you the best results, every time.

Kevin Mitchell

Founder and All Things Digital

Over 18 years working in digital from code to creative. Lives on the line between the real and virtual world. Thinker, talker, strategist and lover of tea.


Suz Bird

Original and Organic Social Whizz

Over 14 years working in marketing and communications. Queen of organic social media. Likes good coffee, a GSOH, #squadGoals and partial to a kitchen party.


Here are some of the amazing agencies and freelancers we collaborate with.



Design Studio

Hampton Associates

Brand Agency


Photography/Video Editing Agency

Billy Fagan

Developer - Freelance

Form Digital

Web Design Agency


Events and Marketing Agency

Fun Facts.

89 The average number of office tea/coffees consumed each week
200k People in Aberdeen active each month on Facebook
21%The % more likely Aberdeen users will click an ad on Social Media
12 Kudos given to friends, peers and users this year. #teamDigital

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