Social media and digital platforms bring huge communication and marketing opportunities for organisations. Together we can intelligently reach your target audiences, prospects and customers across digital platforms, build attention, service and positively impact your business.

Social Media for Business

From getting set up, understanding social media in your business to driving growth, it's about a measured approach. Through strategy, community and content, we can get your business social.

Target Audience Marketing

Reach, nurture and convert clients, prospects and influencers across digital channels from digital display, social media, AdWords, CPC, email including advanced remarketing, retargeting and list building.

Content Creation & Marketing

Content is king and with everyone vying for attention online, the right content it's key to your activity or strategy. With appropriate video, image, email and more you can build attention and influence prospects into action!

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You know how important great content is, but how much are you investing? How do you create and use content to reach, learn, influence and convert?


What are your stories? How does it fit your strategy? How does your brand tell the engage and do everything possible to turn attention into positive results for the organisation? How can you make it reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time, on the right platform.


Sounds heavy right? It’s not and it’s worth every penny/second of the effort…

Working With Your Organisation Based On Your Requirement

  • A

    For Your Organisation

    Work directly with your organisation to define and deliver results.

  • B

    Support Your Team

    Working with internal or external teams to consult and support through digital.

  • C

    With Agencies

    Working with agencies on client strategy, campaigns and results.

Delivering Growth Through A Variety Of Activities.

Social & Digital Media

Supporting team, channels, content and community across social media to engage and grow your audience with purpose.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Display, Local Media and Measured User Retargeting.

Targeted Marketing

Reach the right people with the right messaging based on location, interests, behaviour, employer and a lot more...


All activities are measured providing a clear ROI of content, engagement and conversion across all digital channels.

Market Automation

Target known and unknown prospects intelligently across social and email with the latest automation platforms.

Apps and Services

Connect market leading CRM, social media, ad and email marketing services together to power activities intelligently.

Event Support

With social content and broadcast quality multi-camera live-streaming services, let's bring events to life beyond the location.

Hootsuite Certified

I am officially certified on the worlds leading social media management platform – Hootsuite.

Working In Collaboration

I work collaboratively with the best agencies and specialist freelancers I know on elements outside my specialism. This is modern collaboration and it’s all driven to deliver you the best results, every time.

I am always looking to build a thoroughly strong, open, collaborative network across Scotland and the UK so please reach out and connect. Together we can build specialist, creative, collaborative relationships for all our clients and friends.

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Project Insights

Take a look at some campaigns and ongoing solutions delivered through social media, targeted digital marketing, event coverage and live streaming

With a deep understanding of digital from a human to a technical level, I power business growth supporting cross-channel digital marketing strategies. From the platforms to the content, I work with organisations, agencies and marketing teams to embrace digital for business.
Kevin Mitchell - Border.Digital

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