Facebook Update - Closer Together

Facebook Updates: What It Means For Your Business Page

It’s 2018 and along with a new sense of self, diets, gym memberships and resolutions, Facebook have launched the biggest changes to the News Feed in some time. Here’s why it’s such a huge deal and an even bigger opportunity…

WiP - Importance of Social Media in the Property Industry

Event: WiP – Importance of Social Media in the Property Industry

Talking. Talking is good. I like talking and sharing. A lot. So this month I will be talking with WiP North Scotland on the importance of Social Media in the Property Industry. Talking engagement, reach and action via social media, I’m looking forward to sharing a few principals, wins and insights.

WCE & Costa Coffee Aberdeen

Case Study: Social Media Community Engagement with WCE & Costa Coffee

Community engagement has become quite a challenge (and opportunity) with the rise of social media. How can you use digital and social media strategically to reach and engage with a local business, commuter and residential community? Well, that’s exactly what we did with WCE & Costa Coffee…

Digital Marketing - Buckle Up

What is Social Media & Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, two little words that encompass a pretty huge, intimidating world of channels, connected things and acronyms. Well, let’s break it down…