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Creating Content for Social Media Marketing

It’s true when they say “Content is King“, but what is content? In truth, it’s anything you create and present to your audience in order to influence and motivate action. This includes videos, images, pdf’s, emails and even the words that go along with it.

There’s an abundance of content vying for attention each and every day across all manner of platforms, but the real goal is to create appropriate content that matters to your audience is everything.

Get Attention

Using a variety of content works to drive attention to your business, services and products.

Give, Give, Give

Content is NOT about you. You are demanding your audiences precious time, make it matter to them.

Create That Spark

Present content that engages your audience, driving the attention into a considered drive to act!

Influence Action

Once you have reached, grabbed interest and influenced, its time to convert. Every piece of content has a purpose.

You know how important great content is, but how much are you investing? How do you create and use content to reach, learn, influence and convert?

What are your stories? How does it fit your strategy? How does your brand tell the engage and do everything possible to turn attention into positive results for the organisation? How can you make it reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time, on the right platform.

Sounds heavy right? It’s not and it’s worth every penny/second of the effort…

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TIP: Creating Content That Works

Content creation can be one of the most intimidating areas for business. What is content? How can we create it? Will it work? Will it cost? Will it be good enough?

These are all good questions that organisations stumble to answer and as a result don’t create. Think of it like this…

It's Everywhere

EVERYTHING is a content opportunity. An opinion, research, visits, meetings, reflections, ...


Video is currently the most effective content type by a long way. Invest in video!


Pictured say a 1,000 words. Creating images and image banks is a lot easier than you think!

Articles & Blogs

Sharing insight across your business and sector helps informed prospects take action.


Provide industry insight that showcases knowledge and your brand authority


Infographics are highly visual and can outline complex data simply and effectively.

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