Tell your story with video & social media content for your business

Video is recognised as the the best method of driving attention, engagement and conversion online. From showcasing business to telling stories that drive positive sentiment, video is the tool to gain attention and drive action online and fit your budget!

85% of businesses now use video in some form or another across social media, standing out in front of competitors and reaching customers online. Are you?

Creating online video for your business that tells the right story

Todays audiences expect more from video and simply approaching video in a traditional manner does not work for all.

Social Media

Client nights (and events) are key to businesses showcasing their experience and offerings.

With the Sandman Signature Aberdeen Hotel, we captured the energy of the evening to bring it to a wider audience across social media. This video was designed to encourage discussion and engagement from those who could and could not attend, driving a level of social proof and excitement towards their offering.

This video was used across social media.

Promo Story Telling

With an increase in social media attention and engagement, shopping centre Bon Accord wanted to bring their Christmas ad campaign to social media.

As a video series, we told the story of Bon Accord at Christmas. From the lighting, the decorations, activities and importantly the relationship locals had with it marking the beginning of festivities.

This video was used across social media.
The original campaign won a national retail award.


With a new Sandman Signature hotel in the city of Aberdeen, we created a video that could showcase the new hotel and the facilities whilst telling the visitor story at the same time.

By combining a corporate and social story-telling approach, this video progresses through a visitor experience to key business information and highlights.

This video was used at events, trade shows and across social media.


With event marketing taking many forms on and offline, capturing attention towards an event is the challenge. By embracing themes and story-telling, we worked to capture attention and deliver the events message.

With charity WeToo, we used the events theme (Back to the Future) and key visuals (the Delorean) to capture viewers attention and transfer that attention over to the events information.

This video was used across social media.

Video is more than what it seems ...


of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text


of consumers use videos to make purchase decisions


of people watching video on a mobile device will share it with others


of consumers prefer video over any other marketing content

Special: COVID Safety & Guideline Videos for Business

When it comes to illustrating the COVID safety measures in place at your organisation, video is the best tool. Provide a clear, calm, illustration of the the process and expectations for clients and visitors that delivers the confidence and trust needed at this time.

EXAMPLE: The House Spa

Reopening after lockdown, The House wanted to clearly and calmly communicate the protection and procedures put in place as part of their COVID measures.

The video was designed from the perspective of the visitor, walking through and illustrating the process and measures to enure clients and friends were aware and comfortable with the various levels of protection put in place for safety.

This video was used across the website and social media.

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