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Case Study: Social Media Community Engagement with WCE & Costa Coffee

Case Study: Social Media Community Engagement with WCE & Costa Coffee

Community engagement has become quite a challenge (and opportunity) with the rise of social media. It was for this reason that property developer West Coast Estates (WCE) approached me to join their collaborative project team to utilise digital and social media strategically to reach and engage with a local business, commuter and residential community about a proposed planning development they had with Costa Coffee.
Working in collaboration with legal, policy, design, web and consultation, I put together and delivered a digital strategy working together with offline engagement and public consultation. Using target social media methodologies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube we engaged directly with the residential and commercial community in the area. These target audiences were reached directly with appropriate content to inform, engage and ultimately drive support.

1. Audience Reach

2. Conversion to Web

3. Support Application

By targeting appropriate content to these segments, encouraging engagement and interaction via a campaign website. This gave a voice and a simplified, on-policy process for individuals to be heard and enabled WCE to prepare an application which supported the local community.

44000 Individuals Reached

247000 Content Impressions

345 Support Applications

Planning Approved!
This development received 345 individual letters of support and received planning approval. The community consultation process was commended!

This project was developed in collaboration with the following: