Health check your organisations' effective online setup

You organisations website, SEOsocial media and digital marketing efforts are a key factor in brand, business development, marketing and sales aspects of today's connected world.

There’s no room for poorly setup or ineffective business activities online that risk your business not being found, accessible or engaged across channels. Knowing everything is set up correctly, connected and in a healthy state to effectively power your organisation and digital marketing efforts online can typically require attention from technical, marketing, internal and external teams to even begin to understanding if everything is set up and connected to work for your business. Until now …

Find out your Digital Health Score instantly for FREE by completing the online Q&A below and order your full, bespoke Digital Health Report providing a clear outline of your current position, opportunities and provides you with the guidance needed to take your online activity to the next level!

Digital Health Score – 100% FREE!
Digital Tech Guide – £20
Digital Health Report – from £129 £99

Find out your Digital Health Score NOW

Find out your organisations custom Digital Health Score NOW for FREE and order your full Digital Health Report giving you details on achieving truly effective digital activities.

Is your business discoverable, connected and effective online?

The Digital Health Report benchmarks your business online and provides you with a clear, simple and visual report indicating the health of your business online and helps you identify, with some guidance, exactly where you need to be to really power your online presence and activities.

  • Are we technically setup safely and correctly?
  • Where are are we growing?
  • Are we being found across web / social media?
  • Channels which are / are not working?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • Are our efforts / budgets focussed correctly?

All of these questions can be answered giving you clarity on your current digital health and gives you the guidance you need on where to focus prepare and power your business online and on social media!

Website & SEO

Know your website and online properties are visible working for search engines, your audiences, is connected well internally, externally and receive guidance on fundamental optimisation techniques.

Digital Marketing

Online advertising is incredibly powerful, but connecting ad platforms to your website provides huge opportunities in ad targeting and retargeting. Are you setup and prepared to make the most of digital marketing?

Social Media

Being on social media is one thing, reaching and engaging effectively for business goals is another. With many platforms, tools, resources, tactics, ... effective social media can truly complement your organisations' goals at all levels.


Being found online means more than just results in Google search. Location and map services by various providers power local search engine results, sat nav's, location tagging on social media, directory services and a lot more.

Who is it for?

The Digital Health Report is for all organisations, individuals and agencies looking to review their current setup and ensure the opportunities available online today are actively available!


For leadership, teams and individuals working inside an organisation looking to understand and develop results-driven digital activities.


Individuals, freelancers and influencers looking to better understand, improve and develop their reach and effectiveness through their digital activities.

… and Agencies!

Provide insight and support to your clients with your own agency-branded Digital Health Report.
Contact us to discuss how this could work for you!

Begin your health check!

Begin your Digital Health Check below and receive a FREE instant health score which outline exactly how many areas are holding you back from healthy and effective online activity. This should only take a minute or two and the answers you give will provide you with a specific Health Score for your organisation! From there you can order your full Digital Health Report where we will manually audit, review and send you your organisations custom Digital Health Report!

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