Hashtag on Facebook

Unless you have avoided Social Media of any sort, you will surely be aware of the humble #hashtag. Hashtags have been around since the dawn of social media and pretty much powered topic discovery and search for many, many years. Now, in 2020, including #hashtags in your Posts has become a must have for your Facebook Business Page!

Wait, what is a hashtag?

Hashtags are simply key words and phrases that are preceded by the ‘#’ character. Type any word or phrase with # at the beginning and #you #have #createdAHashtag.

“Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in posts on your profile or Page. When people click a hashtag or search for a hashtag, they’ll see a results that contain the hashtag so they can learn more about topics that interest them.”

By turning a word of phrase into a hashtag on your Post greatly increases visibility and discoverability of the Post – golden! This helps amplify your posts in search results and topical conversations all by simply adding in the # character.

Hashtags and your business

There are many tactics for the type of hashtags you may use for your business posts and ultimately they should fit your wider post and business strategy. They can include key #product words, #brand names, #location and even #topicalSentences where they are of relevance at any place or time. You can make up your own hashtag or join in on already active hashtags. There’s no _technical_ aspect required, just be relevant and don’t fill up the entire post with hashtags, as that can be annoying for users to read.

If you are a little stuck, just ask for some guidance.

Hashtags and Facebook Search

The big deal here is that Facebook quietly launched an update to Facebook Search which took into account any hashtags that were used on a post. This seemingly small and irrelevant update would pass some users by without a thought but in reality this humble hashtag update on Facebook adds a _huge_ amount of relevancy and weight to search results.

This means a well used hashtag can drive your organisations Facebook post up to the top of the search results!

And this isn’t just for _new_ Facebook posts. This works for ALL Facebook posts past and present. If you gave ever used hashtags in the past, those posts will already be set to take advantage of this.

If not, it’s certainly worth checking what keywords and terms already work online (check Google Analytics and Google My Business!) and invest a little time in updating old posts to include some hashtags!

On more thing...

Just remember not to add too many hashtags per post. A couple of well selected hashtags is all you need. Seriously. There’s plenty evidence that too many hashtags on a single post can damage reach and engagement.

Until then, there is no way I can talk about hashtags and not share one of my favourite videos on this topic from back in 2013! ?