Instagram Launch ‘Threads’ Messaging App

After lots of rumours and even more mentions from myself that “It’s coming…”, Instagram have launched their own messaging app, designed to help you stay better connected to your close friends. Welcome, Threads from Instagram!

Threads is a standalone app by Instagram, available on both Apple and Android devices with “privacy, speed and close connections in mind”. Threads enables you to share photos, videos, messages, Stories and more with your own custom close friends list, keeping conversations and engagements in threads a more private affair.

An almost familiar experience

The app itself overall feels very familiar. It unsurprisingly takes the Stories and Direct service from Instagram and wraps it up together in a simpler user experience. Sending messages and creating Stories works just like it used to, only I am noticing several Stories features missing at this time.

The first thing you do after installing Threads is prepare your close friends list and begin to engage with your close friends separately. You are encouraged to use the Stories features of Instagram more in your conversations and interactions and makes you accustom to the whole idea of close friends groups. Almost like having you set this up is some sort of behaviour preparation for future integrations and developments with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – Have I mentioned this is coming already…?

What about business?

Instagram Business Accounts can use Threads too in the same way as personal accounts can. Your Business Account can connect and engage with close group and individuals within Threads in an even more focussed manner than on Instagram itself. Nice.

If as a business, messaging has parity with your products or service(s), this really is reminder to seriously look at how social media and messaging aligns and supports your business. There’s already huge opportunities available to business with messaging and chatbots and every step forward in this space is opportunity to increase service, retention, sentiment and sales / results!

I could go on and on about this from a place of business, so I will be covering more in an upcoming post!


Download Threads here on iOS or Android.