LinkedIn | Company Page Invites Now Available!

After a long focus away from Company Pages, LinkedIn has introduced a new feature to help organisations grow page follows and engagement – Company Page Invites and it’s coming to ALL LinkedIn Company Pages.

Growing LinkedIn Page follows and engagement has required a real investment of time in the past, especially smaller organisations who would see real engagement on their personal LinkedIn Profiles but not their Company Pages. LinkedIn Company Page Invites has been designed to change that, to help companies grow their connections easily by sending people an invitation to follow their page via the LinkedIn inbox. Importantly this will help organisations of all sizes to build a following and bring back organisational focus on posting quality content and building quality, worthwhile engagement on their LinkedIn Company Pages.

LinkedIn Growth Opportunity or Inbox Spam?

Providing a feature that enables, no, encourages users to send messages to people asking for something primarily that benefits the sender tends to be considered spam but this isn’t the case here – probably.

If your LinkedIn network is a quality network, not just one with multitude of connections you’ve built over time in the hope of extracting opportunity (hint: don’t do this) then yes this probably will be seen a spam and a negative experience that you are going to pass over to your companions brand.

But if you have quality LinkedIn network, one built from authentic connections and engagement, then this is an excellent feature and an extension of those relationships you’ve already  built – “… Company Page is over here, why not follow, find out more and join in the conversation.”. Nice.

Let’s Get To It!

Woah, just a second… This feature is an enabler but also one that could punish you if you push to early for a very particular reason – At present, you can only invite someone once.

The goal here is to make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is up to date and has a few new, relevant, quality pieces of content on it. This will showcase positively to your connections that following is worthwhile. Additionally, make sure you have content calendar in play and quality content being published in the coming weeks.

Now, taking the time to go through the process of content and sending follow invites is important. LinkedIn has now provided organisations with real motivation to maximise followers and engagement with an easy-to-use feature.

How To Send Company Page Invites on LinkedIn

  1. Sign in to your company page admin centre
  2. Click Admin tools and select Invite connections from the ‘Grow your page audience’ list in the right-hand column.
  3. Select members you want to invite or search from them in bar at the top
  4. Click Invite connections. The blue button in the bottom right will become active after you have selected people to invite.

That’s it! Once your invitation has been received, it will appear in the recipients’ LinkedIn inbox where they can review and follow your Company Page!


  1. Have you posted on your LinkedIn Page recently? If not, update prior to sending.
  2. Now you can send some invites
  3. Remember to regularly post relevant and quality content on LinkedIn Page!

This is a new feature with some users having it and others not. If you don’t have it yet, check back in a few days as this may still be rolling out / tweaked by the team at LinkedIn.