Linkedin | Events now available!

There’s no shortage of professional events available today, but reaching and inviting individuals from within your network has been a labour of love and one only effectively supported at a social media level by Facebook Events. Thankfully, this has now changed with the introduction of LinkedIn Events!

LinkedIn Events is a very welcome additional to LinkedIn, a platform designed for professional relationships and networking. Now you can create and manage your own event, join other active events, invite connections, engage in conversations with attendees and even continue conversations long after the event ends.

LinkedIn Events

This is an important introduction by LinkedIn not only because it’s a continuation of the professional-level feature parody it’s been building of Facebook, but because networking is key to the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn Events now amplifies those external engagements and networking opportunities for you before, during and after events from within the platform itself. That’s pretty exciting and very powerful as you can also use LinkedIn Events to search for relevant professional events that you can attend, engage and network.

Getting Started

LinkedIn Events is available to all members (if you don’t h ave access already, give it a day or two and then try again). To start, open LinkedIn and view your ‘newsfeed’ (Home). On the left hand side you will see a collection of panels. Look down these panels for the ‘Events‘ label and click ‘+’. Here you can set the details of your professional event and publish it to your network!

There’s even an ‘External URL’ option where you can navigate users to a website or webpage with further information – perfect to build interest and signups for your event, your business and power those retargeting campaigns!!!

Whilst we are talking about LinkedIn, you can connect with Border.Digital on LinkedIn or myself, Kevin Mitchell on LinkedIn. If you are having trouble with LinkedIn Events or you are looking for some guidance with your business approach to online, contact me today and together we can empower your business and activity online!