Local Inbfluencer Marketing Sign-Up - Let’s Level Up!

There’s no denying the growth in influencer marketing on social media, but it can be challenging for organisations to seek valuable relationships with influencers at a local level. Equally as an influencer, it can be challenging for some to outline the value proposition to organisations and the opportunities you and your community present as an influencer. Let’s try and change that for both parties!

For some time now I have had more conversations than I can count with people about the value and relationships on offer between organisations and social media influencers. These haven’t been easy conversations because the understanding of value of a social media influencer at a local level is not as clear as it could be. This is on both sides of the topic…

With a wealth of experience in creating both business focussed content for local and international organisations along with audience targeting and influencing I felt it was time to approach the subject and make a change for good.

A change to support both local influencers and businesses pave the way to work together and unlock the exciting opportunities ahead for all.

Social Media Influencers – Join In!

Initially, the following signup site has been created and I encourage anyone involved or looking to get involved in social media at a hobby or commercial level to sign up.

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This is only the beginning with lots more insight, ideas and perhaps even some open workshops ahead that bring about the first key steps in building a social media influencers activity at a local level.

Be part of the change – sign up now and share with friends!