The New Facebook Pages Experience is here!

Good news ahead … We’ve all had challenges using Facebook Pages, even me, where the simplest of tasks on regular Facebook seem a million miles away on Facebook Pages. Sometimes there’s a reason for that – Pages are not the same, but other times Facebook Pages is just a royal pain. It seems this is about to change with the launch of the new Facebook Pages experience by Facebook! Let’s see what this brings!

Facebook Pages Experience

The whole promise behind the redesigned Facebook Pages experience is that is makes is simpler for public figures and creators to build community and achieve business objectives, including:

  • 'Likes' are going away and being replaced by 'Followers'
  • A redesigned layout that's simpler and more intuitive
  • A dedicated news feed to discover and join in on conversations, follow trends, interact with peers, pages and of course your fans
  • A new text based Q&A format
  • Makes it easier to navigate between your personal profile and Pages
  • More relevant notifications with actionable insights
  • A collection of safety and integrity features to detect spam content and impersonator accounts
  • Improved Page management tools with varying levels of access to manage Page tasks securely.

Easier Page Management

On the face of it these updates certainly do sound like the are going to make things easier and going by the feedback from some admin users, these changes are great! A lot of these changes are being rolled out right now.

How do you get it?

You won’t need to do anything. This rollout is happening now and will be pushed to you in time automatically. I appreciate some may be a little nervous about change but do not worry – keep connected and I will update you as soon as I see it!

Don’t forget, if you are stuck or have any question, drop me a message or connect over on social media.