The Video Creator Gear Guide

Whether you are setting up a space in your home, your office or a dedicated studio space, the information in this guide will help you plan outline the gear required to setup a quality, professional space to record and live stream.

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Getting a camera that's going to power all your visual content is the cornerstone to content creation, but what you need depends on budget and goals – I've covered them all!


Audio is just as important as video, seriously. Having poor audio can really distract from the entire message you are trying to deliver, especially if they cannot hear you correctly.


There's more to the office studio that just the camera and this Video Creator Gear Guide has it all. From lenses to lightingcamera power to capture cards, tripods, cables and more!


Camera phones continue to be the most powerful camera device people have on them at any time and they are incredibly powerful! I know this having filmed a video ad on an iPhone 7+ that was part of a campaign that won an industry award!


Having all your equipment is nothing if you cannot work with it and create the video content you need! To do that, you need software and I have covered the ones you should take a look at!

I get asked about equipment all the time be it the type of camera I use, how I use my iPhone or what I do when editing. Whilst lot’s of this comes from trying, testing and experience, one thing is true – a little guidance can dramatically improve the quality of the content you create. This isn’t about the best camera or software, it’s about you using the best available piece of kit right now and that’s what this guide is all about. Enjoy and go create!

– Kevin Mitchell

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