Reach your customers with targeted digital & social media marketing

This is social media marketing, where you target your ideal customers across online channels, showcase your business, be seen, build awareness and ultimately convert attention into real growth...

Fully managed social media marketing for business of all sizes – Including ad spend!

Your fully managed social media ad service

Everything is taken care of from the technical to the management, including ad spend in this fully managed social media advertising service

Grow your brand and results through targeted social media marketing...

Intelligently reach and grow your brand and results online...


With interestand hobby targeting you can focus ads to those who fit your ideal customer persona and show content that matches their interests.


Target your customers and audiences based on their location, where they have visited, where they live or even target those around your business, organisation or event!


Target an audience that matches your ideal client or the content and stories being promoted based on age, gender, education, job type, job title, and more!


Target based on user behaviours such as the content they have viewed, webpages, devices usage, prior purchases and more, all to drive towards your business goals!


Bring psychological traits into targeting such as personality traits, values, and target content that speaks to your audience and drives positive, agreeable action.


Include or exclude people connected to your Facebook Page or event, email subscribers, customers and even your website visitors and in accordance with the GDPR!

This is more than just online advertising ...

This is intelligent content targeting that reaches your business audience and clients online!

Today businesses need to reach their audiences and client online – even that of their competitors! With intelligent digital marketing, I targeted your business content and ads to relevant audiences and drive attention, customers and clients back to you business. Stand out ahead of your competitors with targeted digital and social media marketing!


Flexible, fully managed and designed to fit your requirements ...

Getting started couldn't be easier with options for any business.

Remotely Connected

Distance doesn't matter. With my HQ video chat setup, we can stay connected on Zoom, Skype, Messenger, etc

Full Managed

From defining audiences to creating and managing ads, everything is under control!

Ad Spend Included

With a fixed cost per month, your costs are clear and known. Even ad spend is included!

PDF Reports

All activity is reported and sent to you each month. This includes reach, impressions, clicks and visitors to your website!

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Agencies – This is for you too, contact me to discuss how we can appropriately work together!

From prices relate to number of ads required and potential audience size. Contact below to find out how £from would deliver for your organisation.

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