What is Social Media & Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, two little words that encompass a pretty huge, intimidating world of channels, connected things and acronyms. It's display advertising, ppc, social media, market automation, SEO, adwords, email, content marketing, retargeting, story telling, programmatic, ... It's simple, right? Make no mistake, Digital Marketing is the biggest disruption in media since the printing press. It's a cataclysmic change in action, method and the return of your communication and marketing activities. It's sounding scary again, right? Okay, think of it like this - Digital Marketing is the blend of good old fashioned marketing objectives mixed with the impact and capability of modern technogy. It's about reaching people who have an interest in who you are or what you are doing - Brand. It's about sharing information (content, stories), to people who want to hear it - Marketing. It's about efficiently converting awareness, interest and advocacy into a commercial activity - Sales. Today, Digital Marketing enables you to reach your customers and clients where they are, instantly. On their computer, in their email, on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even whilst in their pockets. You can learn what matters to them, what works for them and share content (your products, team, insight, usp, ...) that they want to receive, where they want to receive it, in a manner that matter to them. This can be a single person to 1,000's of clients and prospects. A lot of the time with proper preparation this can even be automated. Digital Marketing - Two little words that encompass the future of your marketing activities. So, would you like to learn more or even get started? Reach out with any questions you have or we can arrange a chat on how I can support your organsiations step over the line into the powerful world of Digital Marketing.