Bon Accord

Summer In The City

Bon Accord Aberdeen is one of the cities most popular retail shopping destinations. One of several projects working alongside Bon Accord Aberdeen around content, ads, strategy, reach and engagement on social media to reach, engage and drive their target audiences down to the centre to enjoy the activities on offer.

With the authentic community spirit inherent within Bon Accord Aberdeen, these projects have a real feeling of community support and not marketing tactic turning the shopping centre into a destination for people living and visiting the city. This feeling is captured and shared across social media and the web to inform, engage and invite those in the city to join in!

As this was the first ‘Summer in the City’ event, we needed to capture content as it was happening. This meant content had to be filmed in the centre during and after installation before quickly being edited and used within the campaign. A series of video stories and image content was created and audiences reached and targeted across social media and the wider web.


Social Media


Location Ads

Targeted Ads


“7 weeks of activities captured and 60k locals reached across social media... Commercial and community tactics driving positive sentiment and footfall!”

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